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You want to feel your best on the inside – and look your best on the outside. The same goes for your car.

A Dapper Pros service gives you clean seats, a shiny dash and a fresh scent, but we offer more than comprehensive, professional detailing. You can also choose from several add-ons and customizations to address those little scrapes without needing another visit.

Paint correction doesn’t have to involve spending endless, boring hours in a windowless waiting room. Dapper Pros will take care of minor paint damage when we come to you, saving you time and headaches.

A Dapper Pros service professional performing a paint correction.
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Child Car Seat

Starting at $30

Pet Hair Removal


Steam Clean & Disinfect


Leather Revive

Starting at $50

Clay Bar & Wax

Starting at $70

Engine Bay Detail

Starting at $50

Headlight Restoration

Starting at $100

Orbital Hand Wax


Paint Sealant (6 Months)

Starting at $170

High Touch Point Sanitation

Starting at $25

Odor Eliminator

Starting at $50

Paint Correction


Paint Restoration (Buff/Polish)

Starting at $100-$200

Why Does Paint Correction Matter?

No matter how well you care for your vehicle, it will get minor scrapes and damage. Sometimes, this is because of another driver or because you drove too close to a bush (no judgment; we’ve all been there). Mother Nature is also destructive — the sun’s UV rays can cause paint damage and fading over time.

Those swirl marks, scrapes, spiderweb cracks and water spots are more than just eyesores. They can also decrease the value of your vehicle. Whether you’re hoping to sell your personal vehicle or have a company fleet, appearance is critical to your brand.

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What is Paint Correction?

Steam cleaning is a popular choice for drivers who value having a sanitary and fresh vehicle. Because this method of cleaning delivers high-powered results without damaging chemicals, many drivers choose to include steam cleaning in their regular maintenance routine. Benefits of steam cleaning include:

Paint correction is a delicate task, and if you make a mistake, you’ll spend a lot more money to have a professional fix it – or you could even have to spend thousands of dollars getting your car repainted. That’s all easily avoidable by having a professional do the job for you.

Dapper Pros offers paint correction as one of our add-on services. We also offer paint sealant to protect your car against UV damage and paint restoration if you need it. Our paint correction process includes a one or two-step polish, followed by a clay bar treatment and a wax. This will eliminate imperfections in your paint, removing those cracks and spots.

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Dapper Pros Makes it Easy Paint Correction

Choosing paint correction as an add-on during your detailing service will save you time and hassle. We’re already vacuuming, cleaning and removing stains and smells from the inside of your vehicle – why not put that time to even more good use?

We service both personal cars and company fleets, meeting your needs no matter how big they are. If you’re driving in a vehicle with your company logo on the side, you want to maintain a clean, professional appearance. Cracks and spots can damage that reputation and the value of your vehicles.

Other companies offering paint correction require you to visit them. Don’t waste time sitting in a dull waiting room. With Dapper Pros, you can spend your day on what matters to you. Our tiers of membership options let you customize what you want out of your detailing service every time our professionals stop by.

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