Dapper Pros mobile car wash services.

Vehicle Detailing Vehicle Types

Welcome to Dapper Pros, your premier destination for superior vehicle detailing. Our expertly trained professionals specialize in a variety of vehicle types, ensuring that each one receives personalized, thorough care.

We offer high-end mobile detailing services for the following types of vehicles:

Dapper Pros employee provided auto vehicle detailing to a sports car.
Dapper Pros auto cleaning.


Auto detailing is where our passion lies. From compact city cars to luxury sedans and high-performance sports cars, our highly trained professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of detailing vehicles of all makes and models. We meticulously clean, polish and protect every inch of your vehicle, transforming it from the inside out.

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Dapper Pros motorcycle cleaning.


Our expertise extends beyond traditional automobiles. Motorcycles deserve a special level of care, and we deliver just that. Our detailing services are tailored to accentuate the charisma of your ride, be it a nimble sport bike or a majestic cruiser. Our professionals deftly handle road dirt, grime and grease, restoring your bike to its former glory. But we do more than just clean; we protect. Our team applies high-end products to shield against future damage. Your motorcycle will gleam, perform at its best and turn heads at every turn. Enjoy the freedom of the open road with a bike that reflects your passion.

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Dapper Pros employee providing vehicle detailing to a white motorcycle.
A black ATV being power washed at Dapper Pros's vehicle detailing shop.
Dapper Pros ATV and UTV cleaning.

ATVs and UTVs

We know the rough-and-tumble world of ATVs and UTVs well. These rugged vehicles face mud, dust and the elements, but our detailing service is designed for such challenges. We clean every nook, remove tough grime and polish the exterior. Our protective coatings safeguard your ride from harsh conditions. Additionally, we detail the interior, ensuring seats, handlebars and controls are ready for your next adventure. Trust us to maintain your off-road vehicle’s top condition for an uncompromised, thrilling experience.

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Dapper Pros boat cleaning services.


Boats, whether it's a small fishing vessel or a luxury yacht, require specialized attention that only a professional detailing service like we can provide. We understand the unique challenges posed by marine environments — UV damage, saltwater corrosion and weathering. Our comprehensive detailing services aim to counteract these effects, restoring your boat's original charm while offering long-term protection. We deep clean and polish the exterior, rejuvenate the interior and apply protective coatings to extend the lifespan of your vessel. With Dapper Pros, your boat isn’t just ready for the water — it’s ready to turn heads.

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Dapper Pros cleaning a white boat in a garage.
A line of grey RVs, recently services by Dapper Pros's vehicle detailing.
Dapper Pros RV cleaning services.


RVs are not just vehicles; they're your home on wheels. As such, they deserve a level of care and attention that goes beyond the usual car detailing services. We offer comprehensive RV detailing that covers every inch of your vehicle, from the rooftop to the chassis. We deep clean the exterior to remove dirt, grime and oxidation and then provide an interior cleaning that includes carpets, upholstery and all living spaces. This isn't just about maintaining your RV’s aesthetics—it's about ensuring you enjoy the best possible experience on your travels. Trust us to keep your rolling home in immaculate condition.

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A line of white cars and a fleet storage.
Dapper Pros fleet detailing services.

Business Fleet and Utility Vehicles

Business fleets and utility vehicles are not left behind in our comprehensive detailing service. We provide specialized services for Semi Trucks, Utility Vans/Trucks, Rental Cars, Maintenance Vehicles, Service Vehicles and Taxis, including Uber & Lyft. We recognize that these vehicles are integral to your business operations, and our team is committed to providing superior detailing services that maintain their appearance and functionality.

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A line of RV's in a storage unit, book Dapper Pros for your vehicle detailing.
Dapper Pros truck cleaning services.

Vehicle Storage Facilities

We offer specialized packages to ensure each vehicle in your care remains immaculate, enhancing your reputation for quality and care.

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A Dapper Pros employee wiping down a steering wheel with a purple rag.

Vehicle Detailing Dapper Pros

Our highly trained professionals use high-end products and techniques in each service we offer to deliver results that exceed expectations. This painstaking attention to detail, coupled with our commitment to providing superior customer service, sets us apart in the world of vehicle detailing.

Whether it's the family car, the weekend motorcycle, the adventurous ATV, the luxurious boat or the company fleet, we have the expertise and equipment to provide unparalleled detailing services. We don't just clean vehicles — we redefine them, restoring their original beauty and preserving their value.

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How We Get Your Car Dapped Up

Inside of a tan car, check out are mobile detailing in <!-- Corp Territory Variable -->.
Interior Services
Dapper Pros provide vacuum services.

Thorough vacuum throughout entire vehicle.

{Fran_dba} provide light referbishing.

Light stain removal.

Dapper Pros provides a full clean up of all your nooks and crevices.

Full clean-up of cup holders, bents, buttons, screens, steering wheel & dash.

Dapper Pros will shampoo your vehicle seats to perfection.

Shampoo & steam clean carpet & fabric seats. Treat & clean leather seats.

Dapper Pros will clean floor mats.

Clean floor mats. Method varies by type of mat.

Dapper Pros will provide a streak free window clean.

A streak-free clean on all glass & windows.

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A grey truck being washed, check out our mobile care wash in <!-- Corp Territory Variable -->.
Exterior Services
Dapper Pros top rated hand car wash.

Professional grade hand wash.

Dapper Pros provides deluxe spray wax and gloss.

Deluxe spray wax & paint gloss.

Dapper Pros will provide de bugging services.

De-bug front end and mirrors.

Dapper Pros will clean and shine your wheels.

Clean and shine wheel wells & tires.

Dapper Pros will clean your door jambs and much more.

Clean all door jambs

Dapper Pros will provide a streak free window clean.

A streak-free clean on all glass & windows.

Dapper Pros will polish all chrome.

Polish all chrome.

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