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Detail Shop Unleash the Beauty of Interior Car Detailing

There’s a reason they sell air fresheners with “new car” smell. The scent of leather as you slide into your vehicle, knowing it’s smooth and clean? Unmatched.

You spend a lot of time inside your car — probably every day. And just like you make sure to vacuum your carpet, take the trash out and clean the dishes in the sink, you also want to pay attention to the interior of your vehicle. That’s where Dapper Pros comes in.

If your house is dirty, you feel the slump. It’s the same for when it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned your car. Choosing interior car detailing from Dapper Pros not only makes your vehicle spick and span, but can even help your health and car’s longevity!

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Child Car Seat

Starting at $30

Pet Hair Removal


Steam Clean & Disinfect


Leather Revive

Starting at $50

Clay Bar & Wax

Starting at $70

Engine Bay Detail

Starting at $50

Headlight Restoration

Starting at $100

Orbital Hand Wax


Paint Sealant (6 Months)

Starting at $170

High Touch Point Sanitation

Starting at $25

Odor Eliminator

Starting at $50

Paint Correction


Paint Restoration (Buff/Polish)

Starting at $100-$200

Benefits for Your Seats

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When searching for “interior car detailing,” you may only be thinking about the aesthetic impacts of cleaning. However, regular detailing also has benefits for your ride itself.

It’s easy for stains to set in. There are probably some in your car you haven’t even noticed. Dapper Pros gets rid of them so you don’t have to spend frustrating, endless hours on it yourself. It is also difficult to eliminate tricky stains off fabrics like leather without damaging your seats. Getting the right cleaning products is a hassle, and not something you want to experiment on.

Removing stains preserves your upholstery. It also prevents UV rays from drying out and fading the fabrics.

Professional at Dapper Pros doing interior car detailing, giving seats a deep cleaning.

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Detail Shop Be Safety Conscious

All that dirt has settled into your fabrics, meaning you’re breathing in dust whenever you get behind the wheel. When you’re in a vehicle, you deserve clear air. Interior car detailing deep cleans the surfaces inside your car, eliminating dust and bacteria inside. Embedded dirt is also full of bacteria and odors. Dapper Pros eliminates them and has your car smelling new — no fancy air freshener required!

Dirty mirrors and windshields are a safety hazard. Take off your sunglasses. There’s a lot of smudges and dust you don’t notice when you’re wearing them. But once you’re looking up close, it’s a wonder how you were ever able to see out. It’s the same with the glass surfaces in your car.

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Interior Car Detailing A True Clean

Simply put, investing in interior car detailing is also an investment in your vehicle. Cleaning the inside if your vehicle is going to lengthen its life. It will also help it retain its value. If left alone, upholstery can deteriorate quickly and be expensive to replace. It’s always better to be preventative.

Dapper Pros will completely rejuvenate your car by deep cleaning all the surfaces. We’ll remove the dirt and smelly odors so that your vehicle feels as fresh as when you bought it. Your vehicle gets a lot dirtier than you think. Your feet touch the mats every time you step inside. Your dog sheds over the upholstery. And don’t forget the fries that slip between the seats.

Dapper Pros providing a leather revive at their car detailing shop.

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Interior of a steering wheel getting whiped down and cleaned with a rag from a Dapper Pros professional.

Mobile Detailing We Make it Easy

It’s exhausting to find a high-powered vacuum, feed quarters into a machine and then lug a hose around your vehicle. And that’s only for part of the practice. You need the right materials — and the right team.

Dapper Pros will handle all the details. Instead of endlessly searching for “interior car detailing,” we will come to you. That means you don’t need to take time off work or cut into your relaxing weekend to have your car serviced. No more endless hours in a waiting room. We’ll be in and out while you go on with your day.

We are experts on all types of upholstery. Your windshield will be streak-free. The dust will be gone. The stains will be no more. We’ll even clean your cup holders.

Dapper Pros offers several add-on options to customize your clean. Those extras include detailing your engine bay and correcting your paint. We also provide different packages and membership options to fit you. Need your business fleet cleaned? We can do that, too.

Interior car detailing prevents you from inhaling built-up dust in your seats, will keep you able to see out your windshield, will eliminate lingering odors and will protect your upholstery. It’s a tough job, but you don’t have to tackle it yourself. Contact us to learn more!

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